Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An extra inch

You learn something new everyday. One of my hats was returned to me this weekend by the owner who found it just that little bit too short to wear comfortably. Could I possibly add an extra inch?
The main problem was that I had knitted the hat from the rim up, so I couldn't just unravel the last row. I wasn't in the mood to unravel the whole hat so I thought I would try picking up stitches from the cast on row and see how things went. Much to my surprise it worked - possibly because it is a rather silly style to start with and a row of tiny holes where the new yarn was joined in fitted in quite OK.
I was able to use up a small amount of rather gorgeous rich purple Cleckheaton Country I had left over, which fitted in well with the Noro. I wasn't able to resist the green and red yarn combination for the final edging - if she hates it, I can easily undo the final few rows and do something else. But there is something about an elf-style hat that just begs for a little green and red trim.
Maybe it is just the time of year and Holiday decorations everywhere.