Monday, March 15, 2010

Seemless kimono top

This is one of those items that look better in real life than in the photo. Knitted out of Wooltopia Cotton/Bamboo, it is super soft and I'm hoping the crochet around the neckline helps it retain its shape. The yarn is 10ply rather than the 8ply called for in the original pattern so I'm guessing this will be a bit bigger than the 3-6 month size that I knitted to. I'm going to see if it will fit 5-month-old Georgia; otherwise Hannah will get to wear it brand new.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hannah Gitl - Knitwear model

Wearing Baby Surprise Jacket and matching hat made out of Zarina Baby Print

Wearing jacket and matching hat made out of Wooltopia's worsted bamboo/cotton blend

Wearing 5 hour baby sweater knitted in Dream in Color worsted visual purple

Wearing silk jacket knitted by Mel/womaninashoe

Wearing Saarjete's booties knitted out of Shiloah silk wool

All photos taken 6 March, 2010 when Hannah Gitl was 12 days old.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Introducing Hannah Gitl

We welcomed our daughter into the world last Monday, 22 February 2010 at 9.10pm. She is named - Hannah Gitl - the second name in honour of my late mother who would have loved being a grandmother very much.

Hannah is perfect and wonderful and we love her very, very much. While her resemblance to Jeff is obvious [as per Year 10 science - dark genes tend to dominate over fair ones], she seems to have been born with many of my expressions, including the most dubious and cynical eye movements and faces that just crack us up laughing.

I am extremely pleased to announce that despite all the doom and gloom predictions of the medical profession, I had an extremely healthy pregnancy and birth and both Hannah and I are recovering well from our 9 month journey together and separation.

I have started a separate blog - Hannah's first year - so far there is just one post in it but I hope to update it regularly for friends and family. The Knitaholic will revert to a knitting blog although at the moment I wonder if I'll get a chance to pick up some needles again. Motherhood is hard work but very very rewarding.