Monday, September 06, 2010

Au revoir - for now

As is pretty obvious, I haven't blogged for a while.

Maybe it is a case of everything having its time; like many other net-savvy knitters I'm spending a lot more time on Ravelry, having direct real-time conversations with other knitters.

Maybe it's a case of me, myself moving on - I now have an adorable time-sapping baby to take care of and to knit for and to write about (although I've been pretty slack on the blogging about her too!)

Anyway, I hate the guilt of an unfinished blog just sitting here on the net without any closure. I'm still knitting - more than ever. Knitting for babies is quick and fun, even if they grow out of their clothes so fast. In yarn news, I've discovered a new obsession: the indie-dyer Mosaic Moon. Most famous amongst the cloth-nappying longies-knitting crowd, I use her gorgeous yarns for little dresses, hats and maybe a scarf for myself. Hannah wears disposables.

I may come back and restart this blog later; I may move onto other things. But to myself and anyone else who stumbles upon this, I say 'Au Revoir'.