Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back on the blog...

Yeah, I've been away from the blog for a bit. Not a good time to go into blogging meltdown, but it happens.

So what's new? My Your Rights @ Work hat made the front page of Workers Online the week before the rally which was quite amusing. I didn't see any others at the Melbourne rally although there was one woman with what appeared to be a black beanie with multiple bright orange garter ridges.

The Rainbow Connection hat and scarf set sold at the APHEDA dinner for $85, apparently to the secretary of the AEU (teacher's union).

I finally finished the sleeves on Michael's jumper. It turns out that knitting both sleeves at the time was a good idea as I ran out of blue wool. So each sleeve now has an orange stripe which I can pretend was all part of the orginal pattern as they match up. Now I just have to get the embroidery right and sew it all together.

I've been fighting a bit of ennui as is probably quite obvious. I lost my knitting mojo for a bit so I've been reading on the tram instead. Which isn't a completely bad thing. But hopefully I can kickstart myself again. Life is meant to be for living after all.

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