Monday, February 04, 2008

The making of a bag lady

I'm a little nervous typing this as I don't want to jinx anything but I spent the weekend knitting with mohair for the Australian Bag-Lady swap and my hands are still free of hives, rashes and eczema.  I will post a picture when I have a chance - our internet connection is a little dodgey this week due to a husband who shall remain nameless somehow managing exceed our very generous download usage allowance for January; as punishment our ISP has throttled our broadband connection to dial-up speed until 7 February (I still prefer this option to that of ISPs like Bigpond who instead charge an astronomical rate for excess downloads).  So things are slow around here.

Minus the rashes, I can now appreciate why I bought this pink and purple mohair in the first place.  It is a truly gorgeous colour.  But it sheds like anything!

I'm making up the pattern as I go along.  My swapee has limited mobility and has requested a bag that can be slung across her shoulder and worn below her hip.  So I figured a messenger-bag style would be the best way to go.  If it works, I'll post a pattern. 

I'm in two minds about the strap.  The easiest thing is just to knit a long garter-strip and hope it felts to the right length - and I'm not even sure what the right length would be!  I'd love to do a long strap that is adjustable in length and have been busy studying my bra straps to see how they work.  But can I trust myself to visit Cleggs or Lincraft for a buckle and ring without buying any more yarn?

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