Monday, March 17, 2008

Trekking Circus Socks

Because 3 projects on the go are never enough and I was intrigued to see how the Trekking Circus yarn I had picked up in a swap would turn out, I started ANOTHER pair of socks.

This time, it appears that the 2mm needles are the size required for this particular 4-ply yarn.

Have you see how small 1mm is? How can 0.25mm make such a difference???

Now I know why this colourway is called circus. All I can think of are clowns.

24-stitch figure-eight cast on, toe-up socks, 68 stitches around... will probably rib once I get to the leg.

I think these socks will go to a friend whose family seems to compete in giving her the most unsuitable birthday presents of all time. This year, one member bought her a single ticket to a charity dinner (she has a boyfriend) that is overwhelmingly attended by the rich and snobbish people she has spent her life avoiding. I've already promised to shout her and the boyfriend a dinner at her favourite Japanese restaurant as both a birthday gift and an apology for bursting out laughing when I heard about this year's family present.

I hope these socks will also raise a smile.

1 comment:

2paw said...

The colours are so happy, I love the colourful stripes!!! The Curse of Inappropriate Gifting: none of us has escaped it, I think!!