Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More stash acquisitions - 4-ply yarn

I don't even like sock/fingeringweight/4-ply yarn but I couldn't resist any of the following for a variety of reasons.

Koigu Premium Merino
I had heard so much about this yarn on the knitting blogosphere that when some came up for sale on the Australian Knitters Board, I couldn't resist. It certainly looks and feel gorgeous.

Kauni EQ
Kauni EQ
Shot to fame when the Yarn Harlot knitted a sweater out of this; bought during a 15% off sale at Astrid's Dutch Obsessions. Beautiful rainbow colours tucked inside. The yarn is quite rough to touch but I've read it softens up with washing.

Kauni ET
Kauni ET
The purple, black and grey version. I love the colours, and if I'm paying shipping all the way from Holland for the rainbow Kauni EQ, I might as well get it...

Trekking Hand Art
Trekking Hand Art
Again, I loved the colours, it was 15% off and I had already paid the shipping from Holland.

Grignasco Bambi
This one really wasn't my fault - it was a gift from my last Australian Knitters' Swap partner. But isn't the colour fantastic?

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M-H said...

I've made a couple of things in the Bambi. It's very fine, so it takes a long time to make anything, but it's a joy to knit with and the results are so soft and yummy.