Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pictures of finished objects

I finally finished Jackie's scarf in Vintage Twist (just in time for the warmer weather)

wavy scarf 001

I finally made some mitts for myself (also in Vintage Twist, the pink colourway). This was from yarn rescued from my frogged Flat-Top Hat by Iris Schreier.

mitts - Vintage Hues

My stashbusting swap pal Noeller67's daughter seemed pretty happy with my gift.

Stash buster swap

And I finally started the Forrest Canopy shawl for the No Sheep for You swap (made out of Bendigo cotton in the colour teal). It doesn't look very impressive yet.

Forrest Canopy

Books I may or may not have acquired in recent weeks (from swaps and direct purchases) include: all four Barbara Walker Treasuries (apparently even if you knit one sample a day, it will take 2 years just to get through the first book) and a book about knitting 2 socks at a time on circular needles (I can dream). Plus a few back copies of Yarn magazine.

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