Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another excuse to baby knit

One of my pregnant friends has discovered that she is having another boy, which provided the perfect excuse to pull out the machine washable baby print Zara that has been hiding in my stash since I bought it on impulse at a sale last year.  Zara is often described as 8-ply but I find it knits up more like a 6-ply; a light sportsweight as the American would say.

So I used my 3.5mm circular Addis (I know everyone is raging about the Knitpick Options but I am very fond of my Addis) and cast-on another Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise jacket.  I've made it before but in a too-heavy bulky yarn.  I figured that as I still had plenty of time prior to the birth and both parents are fairly small, that I could risk making up a smaller item.  The nightmare for all knitters (at least me) is to devote dozens of hours to a project that is unwearable.

As it is purely in garter stitch, this is the perfect mindless knitting for the long train journeys.  The regular double decreases and shaping provide enough stimulation to keep me awake also.  As with most variegated yarns, it looks far better on the ball than in a garment but the overall effect is not too bad.

Photos will follow, once (if) I find the cable that will allow me to upload from my camera to the computer.

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