Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My child would never...

I am not going to engage on Ravelry but this is my blog and I can write what I want. Most of the time I can let things go but this really pressed all my buttons:
The same store owner was also appalled that I had brought my two-year-old in. She didn’t touch anything except a book, but was given the stink-eye the whole time we were there .I understand that some kids don’t know how to behave in a store, but my little one knows that she is not allowed to touch yarn unless Mommy specifically gives her permission.
Now unless this two-year-old is some freak of nature that doesn't drool, get bored, lick her fingers, isn't attracted by bright colours and soft textures, etc, this is nothing short of delusional. Even if little darling only touched a book, I'll make any bet that she left bent pages and/or sticky fingerprints behind - not because there is anything wrong with her but because she is a kid.

Delusional parents really piss me off.

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