Monday, December 14, 2009

Pregzilla - or just standing up for myself?

Well, I finally have an explanation for all the lethargy that has led to a constant need for sleep and huge difficulty in knitting, writing, getting out of bed - it's called an iron deficiency. A common issue in pregnant women (31 weeks now) of all ages, shapes and sizes but one that took a while for the doctors to pick up because don't-you-know, a pregnant woman of my size and age will of course feel more tired than usual.

Did I mention that I stopped driving about 2 months ago following a minor bingle because I was so tired I lost focus at 3 o'clock in the afternoon? Alert to all people, pregnant or not - this is NOT normal and should be taken seriously (by yourself if you can remember) and certainly by your doctors. I've been on iron supplements for less than a week and already feel infinitely better.

But pregnancy has definitely made me more grumpy and sensitive than usual - and I have never been known for my patience - and I find my ability to tolerate stupidity, thoughtlessness, selfishness, pointless meetings, etc is at an all time low. And the volume of all the above seems to have sky-rocketed over the past few weeks.

Am I being unreasonable in saying that a suggestion to have dinner, starting at 8pm at a restaurant 40km from home on a work night is just not on in my condition and state of tiredness?

Or to be deeply offended that someone wants me to use my valuable and limited time and energy to respond to a complex question in an area I have no expertise in for the friend of a friend that he has lost touch with? (Let's not even go into the fact that they couldn't even provide definite contact details).

You know the most annoying thing about that second example - the person involved didn't even understand why I thought this was a completely unreasonable request! (At least in the first case it was quickly conceded that I had a very valid point and we had a lovely earlier dinner on my side of town.)

I want to get a t-shirt made up: "I'm pregnant: It's my turn to be the prima donna".

But now I'm wondering if it's more a case that I have spent too much of my life accommodating others and being helpful, and it's only now that I am in a position that I must say 'no', that I realise how much certain people have taken me for granted.

I thought I had found that balance - between being helpful and being used - but the events of the past few weeks have forced me to re-look at and reassess my relationships with some people. If they can't or won't consider my position now, I am dammed if I will be going out of my way for them in the future.

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Karen said...

You are not Pregzilla. Being pregnant is the most difficult thing I have ever had to go though. Believe it or not thyroid cancer was easier. You need to pamper yourself, rest and relax. Your body tells you what you need and you'll find you have no choice but to listen. I think it's natures way of preparing you to care for your little one. Now that's the person for whom you will do the most accommodating ever. Good Luck!