Sunday, May 02, 2010

Moebius Magic

I love knitting that gives a great deal of 'bang for the buck' - that looks a lot more complex and time-consuming to create than the reality.

Moebius shapes inherently stretch the minds of most people who encounter them. Fortunately for us knitters there is the irrepressible Cat Bordhi who has discovered a relatively simple way to cast stitches onto a circular needle to create moebius shapes.

The top scarf, knitted out of a skein of ixchel mulberry silk, is my own design - aside from Cat's clever cast-on. And it is simply a simple moss stitch, followed by a couple of knit and purl ridges and finished off with a crochet chain border (included at the last minute when I realised I had more yarn to play with than I appreciated).

The hat below is Cat's reversible lotus blossom design, with the moebius purl rib base providing a flattering 1920s-style look to a basic beanie.

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2paw said...

Wow, a Moebius hat!! I have knitted a scarf thing, with the proper cast on, not just grafting the ends together with a twist, but that beanie is great!!