Sunday, October 15, 2006

More blanket squares

The top picture is Lizard Ridge squares 12, 13 & 13 1/2. I'm now using colourway 126 which I bought off eBay. A bit garish for my taste -- there is a lot of orange and yellow -- but it will work in well with the blanket.

We had a sudden burst of summer this week (two days above 30 degrees Celcius) which slowed down the knitting. Looks like my timing (re: when the blanket will be ready) is as good as ever.

Also pictured is the blanket square for Grandma Purl which I will post off this week. The pattern I used created a little row of holes around the outside, so I threaded through some contrast thread to brighten it up. Hopefully she won't mind the Christmas colouring :)

1 comment:

Amyss said...

WOW, those blanket squares are just lovely! Esp. the first one, those crazy waves...I have to do those! Just so pretty!! I saw your other blog, the one with free patterns, and left a comment on your Noro hat before realizing how old the post was and how you probably don't check it. Anyway, I hope you do check it and get back to me, I just "discovered" you but am already a fan of your creations! Hope I am that good one day! Maybe you can drop by my little blog, Knittermind, but don't expect too much, I just started a year ago, but my heart is in the right place, I am totally addicted to knitting! Hope to converse with you, you seem like a cool person!