Monday, October 30, 2006

No knitting allowed for potential jurors

Well my excitement about spending my day around the courts knitting turned out to be a little premature. Despite the official website of the Courts and Tribunals - Victoria stating:
You can bring things with you, such as books, knitting or paperwork, to
occupy yourself while you wait.
(Scroll down to 'Facilities in the pool room')

my knitting was promptly confiscated as I entered the court building.

While I realise this is consistent with the policy of airlines, I was a bit annoyed as I had specially checked before taking my knitting. And it is not just the website; it's in the official handbook for jurors which they gave me after taking away my knitting. Apparently if you are selected as a juror you can bring in the knitting for when you are not actually in the courtroom but I don't know if I want to test this.

Lucky I had brought a book.


k*girl said...

very disappointing for yoiu, and I'm sure more than a little annoying! Hope you got it back?

Marg B said...

Thanks K*girl! I got it back at the end of the day - the guards were quite nice about it once I showed them the juror's handbook which said knitting was OK - but asked I lodge a complaint so the handbook and website gets updated!