Monday, November 26, 2007

Scarf received

Amanda from the UK sent this lovely l-o-n-g soft scarf with cute flowers all the way from the UK. I would never have made anything like this for myself, but I love it! She also included some proper English tea in cute London tins and sweet sheep-themed accessories.

I am overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness and hope she received as lovely a scarf as I did.

Non-knitting news

I still haven't been knitting. I hate eczema.

My "not over-eating" project is going well; I've lost 2kg to date. On the one hand I'm overwhelmed when I think about the challenge ahead (10-15kg is just the interim goal); on the other hand I really feel that this is 'it'; a switch has been flicked inside me and I am going to lose the weight this time. It's not a case of want or hope any more; it's the certainty of knowledge.

Last night J and I found not one but two different poisonous spiders inside the house; a white-tail spider on my couch and then, when we were taking it out of the house, a wolf spider was found just inside the back door. We're still freaked out today and hope there aren't any more surprises hiding indoors.

Finally, here is a picture of my cat Smudgey looking very cute.


Beth said...

Yikes! (to the spiders, not the scarf) I have wolf spiders in the tunnel walkway between my apartment and the garage. Yuk!

Taphophile said...

Love the London tea tins, not so much with the spiders.

Sorry that your hands are still so badly affected - hope they clear up soon.

Anonymous said...

take a look at their Dream Cream... I have friends with very bad eczema who refer to this as miracle cream...

Amanda aka Noonie