Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coffee plunger cosy

Maybe it was the stitch markers, maybe it was my eczema calming down to mere dry flaky skin, maybe it was five days of bed rest, maybe it was many hours perusing Ravelry but I finally started knitting again.

I've been looking at all the tea cosies and thought I might use some of my left-over Zarina to make a second cosy. Initially I thought I'd send it to my tea cosy pal but it ended up too narrow and more blue-ish teal than green. So it's ended up on my own coffee plunger. I made up the pattern as I went; a few rows of garter stitch with eyelet holes; a cable twist, then ten blocks of basket-stitch pattern, a cable twist and the garter stitch eyelet border. A nice and relaxing return to knitting. I'm now using some other left-over yarn to make a beanie.

As with every swap, a lot of people are going over the top. We signed up to make one tea/coffee cosy and send some tea/coffee and bickies. The number of people sending extra skeins of expensive yarn, mugs, multiple cosies, chocolate, dishcloths, stitch markers and more is a bit overwhelming. I feel like the goal posts keep moving. I wish there was a happy medium between the people who go OTT and those who pike completely.

In my package I included the tea cosy pictured below, some Fair Trade Earl Gray tea, a tin of Oxfam Ceylon tea, a packet of shortbread biscuits and some Clover DPNs (from the promotion kit I bought earlier this year). So my pal shouldn't feel too ripped off. I also found a nice card featuring Labrador puppies which looks like her sort of thing.

I think I'll pass on the next Australian Ravelry swap (knitted bags) but I have until the first week of January to make up my mind.


Taphophile said...

The blue cosy is gorgeous. Having made a couple of plunger cosies, tighter is better - they tend to droop when they warm up.

Totally agree with you about the swaps going OTT. It's one of the reasons I don't join that many and when I do, I stick to the rules. That being said, I joined the bag swap - feeling less knitting related stress at the moment which could explain it.

2paw said...

I Totally love my teacosy, and the other presents!! Especially the Labrador stamp card, it is wonderful!! Making a pot of Earl Grey tea as I type so I can use my cosy!!! Thank you so much!!!!