Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jinxing myself

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To be able to get up in the morning, move around freely, knit a hat and read a good book is a wonderful thing. Everything else is trivia.
I sometimes wonder if I am going through life jinxing myself. I slept very badly last night due to a sore neck and back and by the morning could barely move my right arm. No work for me today. A trip to the chiropractor confirmed my suspicions, I had somehow got my neck out of alignment, pinched a nerve and most of my upper right back muscles had seized up in protest and pain.

He clicked my neck back into alignment and told me to avoid turning my head to the right today - an instruction easy to follow as I physically can't at the moment. The problem is exacerbated as I'm not allowed to take anti-inflamatories at the moment. So no knitting, no work and virtually no reading as I'm too tired from lack of sleep. Paracetamol is a poor alternative to anti-inflamatories for this problem but it's my only option at the moment for pain control.

Of course all of this is minor, compared to X who is now learning how to use a walker in the hope she may soon be able to go to the toilet with minimal assistance. A 33-year-old in a walker. I want to cry. Even as I realise what a huge achievement this is, compared to a fortnight ago.

I got an email from another friend who had been allowed to visit today. X looked great and was up and talking, she reported. I think she thinks I was making up how bad things got. I speak to X's husband who tells me that the change today has been amazing. Last night X struggled to remember her parents' names. Today she could recall the names of friends' children. The brain truly is an amazing organ.

I'm hoping that a bath and a good night's sleep tonight will fix all my problems. And that I haven't jinxed it by typing this :)

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