Monday, March 30, 2009

Ravelry is eating my blog

Like too many knitters I am spending more and more time on Ravelry and less and less on my blog. Not sure this is a bad thing but I like having some sort of diary of what I've been up to.

Recently completed projects:

9 squares

  • 9 15 X 15 cm squares for a blanket that a group of us is making for a fellow Raveller who is going through a rough time.

    gitlfriend market bag

  • The politically correct Girlfriend Market Bag. Made out of a banana silk yarn made by women in Nepal, dyed bright purple and now hand-knit into a bag which can be used in lieu of plastic bags while shopping. I'm choking on how many PC boxes this ticks. I have an inner-city left-leaning girlfriend who will love it. I think I prefer making this bag out of cotton - too many flaws for me.

    bulky alpaca hats
    3 purple hats

  • A stack of hats. I'm losing count. I made some chunky knit beanies out of Naturally Aspire Super Chunky Alpaca yarn I got on sale. It's lovely soft squishy yarn but I've found I hate knitting with super large needles (10-12mm!) I also made some purple hats out of some Bendigo 12-ply - one for a colleague's daughter, the others for whoever.
News: Hurstbridge Bushfire Relief Centre has now put out the call for woollen beanies, scarves and gloves. I knew they would eventually be wanted.

Blog news: Part of this blog may be immortalised in the Victorian State Library archives. The librarians there are putting together a collection of community writings about the recent bushfires and have asked for permission to archive my entries. Of course I said 'yes'. It's funny to think of future generations possibly reading excerpts from my blog much the same way we read excerpts from the letters of convicts, etc when studying Australian history. Of course that is based on the assumption that we don't kill ourselves off in the next 100 years.

Jess update: It's hard to believe my friend was literally at the point of death just 3 weeks ago. She is now in a rehab hospital close to home and her baby has been sent home with his dad and big brother. Big brother is totally in love with the baby and wants to visit and cuddle him all hours of the day and night, get involved in feeding and even changing the nappy. It's too cute for words. Jess has regained her speech and can read and walk short distances. She still gets incredibly tired and still has another big operation ahead of her but compared to that terrible day when we feared losing both her and the baby, the change is just amazing.

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