Monday, April 27, 2009

Knitting stuff

Oh yes, I still do knit. My current project is a Moebius scarf/cowl/headwrap thingermebob knitted sort-of following a pattern from Cat Bordhi's A Treasury of Magical Knitting

By "sort-of" following a pattern it means that I used the book to learn how to cast on moebius-style, knitted a round and then started making it up as I went along. I liked the look of the ribbed scarf, where one does three rounds knit and then three purl but I hate knitting purl. So every three rounds I simply do a wrap and turn, and then turn around my work and start knitting in the other direction. I thought myself very clever but I have to admit that the turns are not as nice and neat as I would like.

There's also the odd holes and odd twisted stitch - it's been years since I've had such a messy piece of knitting.

Yet I have no desire to frog this work. The folds of the rib hide the worst of it and I am planning to sew up and over all the holes. If it is still a bit messy I may add in the odd crocheted star fish. I'm using a very lovely sea-coloured (blue and turquoise) BFL wool yarn from Parrot Pants.

I'm very tempted to keep this for myself but it is supposed to be a belated birthday present for a very knitworthy friend. I asked her what she wanted and she decided (yet another) of my scarves in a "quirky" rather than classical style; with a blue base but multi-colours. So if an ocean themed moebius scarf/cowl/headwrap doesn't meet the criteria, I'd love to know what does! Photos to come once it is off the needles - it just looks like a pile of squishy wool at the moment. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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