Sunday, January 24, 2010

First the good news

Blocking the shawl was not as painful as I feared and has made a huge difference - it grew from 49 inches in width to 60 inches in width. Yes, I'm using imperial measurements as my blocking kit came from the US which has yet to embrace the metric system. For those of us living in the 21st century, it grew from 122cm to 150cm. The spaces opened up nicely too. I'm really looking forward to wearing it although I don't know where.

My friend Mel visited on Friday with two of her eight kids (this is not a typo...) - while part of me is passing out that someone barely a year older than me has eight kids and 2 grand-kids, she is a constant reminder that there are some amazing parents out there who bring up the loveliest, nicest, most caring children in the world. I've already warned her that I'll be on the phone once J & my bub pops out. Mel also gave me this gorgeous SILK cardigan she made for the baby. I am both honoured (and scared) that she trusts me to take care of such an item. It feels so gorgeous and soft but I suspect it will only be worn for photo opportunities and the bub will quickly be put into machine-washable cottons for meal times.

And this morning my friend Sonya from work visited along with this HUGE box of clothes that her four-month old had already grown out of. It's official - we DO NOT need any more size 0000 or size 000 clothes (we also got a heap from our friends Phill & Jess, and Sam and Dean). Some of Sonya's clothes had come originally from another mum at our work, and with 3 more women expecting bubs within about 3 months of my bub, I suspect they'll be doing a few more rounds yet.

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