Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shoot me if I ever do this

I mean it.

I clicked on the blog of a certain Australian yarn dyer to see if there was any more information about when her next batch of yarn would be available for sale. The last time I visted her blog (in December) she had photos of the most delectable rainbow yarns that she had done for a wholesale order.

This time, however, I was confronted with a huge picture of a poo. Yes, her darling daughter had finally learnt to use the toilet. And not only did she choose to tell us (which I could have coped with) but she provided photographic proof.

I totally understand that parents are very proud of their children and that mothers who combine child rearing with a part-time business they run out of home often have business/family boundary issues. I don't mind seeing photos of their fully clothed kids and can skim over posts detailing their loved one's first day at school.

However a photo of a giant poo falls into the category of WAY TOO MUCH information. Especially when it is on a blog that is linked to a business website.


wenswoolgathering said...

Oh dear. If I ever do that you can shoot me too.

Kaydie said...

It is amazing what some mothers share with others! But really now, there is a limit. I love your blog. I just found it and I will keep reading it. kaydie

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Thats just too much,Ill have to be careful when I check out shop blogs now,definitley not good for business!