Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, new resolutions

New Year's resolutions are generally both worthy and worthless. We resolve to do worthy things - eat better, exercise more, be nicer to people, etc. And they are worthless because after a few hours, days or weeks, we revert to the usual habits.

I didn't bother waiting for the new year for the usual resolutions. And I am keeping them better than I have in the past. But this year I decided on a special knitter's resolution. As I currently have enough wool in my stash for at least a dozen jumpers and pairs of socks, I will attempt to knit up at least one garment in between purchasing more wool. Scarfs and hats don't count, although I suspect they will be a major part of the destashing process.

I had enough of the 14-ply recycled jumper wool left over to make up another hat - this time with tight twisted cables, a first for me. Picture to follow, when I can be organised. I started knitting up a pair of socks but unravelled them when I started making mistakes (a lot of my knitting is being done while watching Babylon 5 and series 3 is proving to be very enthralling). Instead I am sewing up my Noro blanket while watching TV, which is a worthy job. With any luck it will be finished by winter. Memo to self: No more blanket squares, even if they are Noro. I hate sewing.

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