Friday, February 06, 2009

Male logic

Re: The camera cable.  My dear, lovely, darling husband decided to use the camera - which I have no problem with - but for some reason he put the camera back on my desk while leaving the cable attached to his computer in another room.  I saw the camera on my desk foolishly assumed the cable would be nearby - probably buried somewhere under all the yarn and hats in my room.  At least it enforced a bit of a tidy up.

Re: The Magic Yarn Ball and other Australian-based swaps - if you are on Ravelry, hop along to here Australian swappers

If you are not on Ravelry and are a knitter or crocheter, you have no idea what you are missing out on.  Go and sign up for an invite - it now takes only a few days to be let into the secret lair; I spent MONTHS on the waiting list.  It's free - although all the temptation inevitably leads to more expenditute on stash, needles, etc.

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