Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why it is worth knitting for the bushfire survivors

Public relations consultant and writer Liz Tilley who lost everything in the 2003 Canberra bushfires yesterday wrote an excellent article on how to help those affected by bushfires for Crikey.

As a knitter, I was especially interested in this part:

Some of our most treasured items are the ones that were made, with love, by complete strangers. The quilt that was one of the hundreds that arrived from all over Australia, the hand-knitted rugs that my children like to snuggle under in winter. If you make jewellery, make a few pairs of earrings or a necklace. If you make toys, make something for the children who have lost theirs. If you knit, make a winter scarf. If you sew, make some table placemats or a beautiful table runner. If you're an artist, paint a picture or frame a drawing.

I still find it incredibly moving that people cared enough to put time and love into making something that has now become a new family treasure for us.

And if you want any more proof that a single person can make a difference, with one phone call and one email I was able to convince Crikey editor Jonathan Green to mark this article a 'free' read on the site. So you don't have to be a subscriber to access all of Liz Tilley's tips on how to help out the survivors of a natural disaster both now and in the weeks and months ahead.

Knit a hat to say thanks to an SES volunteer

I have also managed to put up a pattern of my SES Beanie for anyone who wants to make one as a thank-you for the volunteers who have given so much of their time and effort. Make as many as you like to give away, and print off copies of the pattern for other knitters - just ensure any copies include my name and the note that these beanies are not to be sold without the express written permission of both myself and SES Victoria.

Donate to the Red Cross and win my Beaded Silk Artyarn

Fellow Raveller Serendipity is running a raffle on her blog with great prizes for anyone who donates $10 or more to the Red Cross Appeal. I've donated a skein of Artyarns Beaded Silk (pale pink colourway) valued at US$34 (AUD$50+ on the current exchange rate!) as a prize. It's gorgeous yarn but not quite the right colour for me and I've been terrified of ruining it by actually knitting with it. In some ways it is a relief to give it away to a good cause (and I have another one anyway... don't ask me how I came to spend so much money on unsuitable but delectable yarn). So go show her how much you've donated to the Red Cross and be in the running for some really lovely stuff.

Still knitting
I have been intending to work on a CFA Beanie (based on the SES Beanie)... but I've been too busy churning out the little Knut Hats for another good cause. It is a most addictive pattern and I am almost relieved that I am running out of suitable yarn to make more. Oh yes, I also have to do some knitting for swaps I am taking part in. Lucky that I am theknitaholic!

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