Friday, February 05, 2010

Rainbow love

Despite my crap-al tunnel, I managed to finish my 'Witch Cats Hat', an adoption of a Halloween Hat designed by Christine de Savoie.

I tweaked this pattern a bit. I cast on 168 stitches and started with 3 inches of 4X4 ribbing - this made the hat more of a ‘large’ size rather than a medium. I added 2 more stitches when I got to the stocking stitch part (170 stitches). After chart 3 I decreased 10 stitches.

By the fourth set of cat heads I felt the hat was getting too long, so I skipped the final black patterns and just decreased fairly sharply.

A little fudging was required at some parts to keep the pattern.

This is one of those knits where I’m very happy with the final result but didn’t overly enjoy the actual knitting. I used stranded knitting the whole way but as some of the motifs were wider than 5 stitches across this required me to catch the carried yarn at the back while knitting the motifs.

I used 70g of Kauni EQ - and still have another 70g left for matching mitts or the like. I'm really impressed with the yardage I've got out of these 2 balls! (I used 160g for the Rainbow Forrest Canopy shawl).

I also have some Jolly Jumbuck Baby Alpaca Gradual Gradient Gypsy Rainbow coming. This is meant to be super soft. Not quite sure what I'll make with it. After receiving a huge box of delectable baby clothes in 3 sizes from a friend whose bub is barely 4 months old I'm realising how fast babies grow, and am less inclined to spend weeks knitting something that a bub might only wear once or twice before growing out of.

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2paw said...

I love your hat, it's fabulous!! I hate the stranding. I try to do it, but I really am not very good, I pull it too tight and it looks horrid. Yours looks very Halloweeny!!