Monday, September 26, 2005

2nd scrap-yarn hat begun

I'm getting very annoyed by my inability to upload phots. I've checked all the help pages and sent an email to the support staff to no-avail. But what can one expect from a free service?

So let's see if I can give you a visual impression using words and possibly colour-coded font.

As the title suggests, I've started a second scrap-yarn hat. the first few rows of the brim are a beautiful rich teal (a bit bluer than this). But not quite as purple as this. Imagine a colour in between.

I'm now using a yarn called Cleckheaton Tapestry which is sort of those variegated colours.

I can't wait until I can upload photos again!!!


Sharon said...

Are you trying to post pictures using Blogger?? I had trouble the other day but eventually it worked. I do use Hello as a back up plan when Blogger lets me down, hello is also a free service so sometimes that can let you down also.

Marg B said...

Thanks! Apparently the problem is only with some of the Blogger servers and the trick is to clear your cache and try and log onto another server.