Thursday, September 15, 2005

Vintage Knitting

The picture on the top is the beginnings of my latest beanie. I'm knitting in the round, 120 stitches of 8-ply wool on 3.75mm 40cm circular needles (I seem to be a loose knitter and always have to go down a needle size).

Now this might look like a perfectly normal and dare I say it boring bit of knitting. But look at the picture of what yarn I am using. Yes VINTAGE wool from my late mother's stash. Original 1970s Patons Totem wool, a tweedy cream and brown twist. And because I am sure there will not be enough for a whole beanie (I think there was well under 100 grams in total), I've also pulled out the verigated orange and brown that I am certain is from the same era so I can create some totally hideous stripes that someone might find hip and fashionable in this retro-age.

Or if it is a complete disaster I can always unravel it again.

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