Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My husband is not a conehead

I am trying to work out how my husband who is at least 8 inches taller than me with a huge barrel chest can possibly has such a tiny head.

It doesn’t look tiny. But it seems a beanie knitted in a standard women’s size is still too big for him. And his head is kind of short and round, meaning that any hat knitted to a standard pattern is too long for him.

“I am not a conehead,” he complained, putting on my latest effort. I was so upset and frustrated; not only was it knitted in a beautiful pure black wool with perfect tension; for the first time I had not fudged a single stitch as I made the item.

Jeff realized that I had finally gone over the edge.

“See, it’s perfect now!” he said rolling the brim up several times.

Maybe it is the buzz-cut hair.

I am a complete failure as the loving knitting wife. I tried to knit him a jumper but was so paranoid about it being too small that I ended up making a jumper at least 3-sizes too large. It is still very warm and cozy and I wear it myself most of the time.

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