Friday, September 02, 2005

The great unpick

Well today's knitting activities could best be described as "reverse workflow".

After staring blankly at the cardigan with its far too short bands, I had no inspiration. So I just unpicked the bands and have shoved the whole lot in a bag to contemplate at a later date.

We're getting on to spring and Gabi won't need the cardigan until next March at the earliest. I have time.

I then painfully unknitted two rounds of my beanie to remove the start of the CPSU logo. I've decided to just knit this up as a basic black beanie. Maybe Jeff (my husband) will accept this one. He's not the easiest person to knit for. All my hats to date have been too loose or had too short or too long ribbing or too thick seams for him.

I'm knitting yet another roll-brim hat in the Opal sock-yarn - it's my lunchtime/morning tea break brain-dead project. I have a vague plan to knit up a box full for next winter and try my luck at the craft markets.

I realise that I should be posting pictures of my knitting but I just can't find where they have hidden themselves on my computer. Hopefully they haven't been deleted permanently.

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