Thursday, August 30, 2007

If this works out I will be very surprised

I am only about 20 rows from the end of this Baby Surprise Jacket and for the life of me I do not know how it is going to magically fold into a jacket shape. I guess that is the surprise.

I hope the slabs of colour look OK when it is finished.

I've really enjoyed this from a knitting perspective - it's a fun project - but I think I'll enjoy the next one more when I "get" how it works and where the stripes end up. I'm trying to reserve judgement but I think 10-ply (worsted weight) yarn is way too thick and heavy for baby clothes - even 8-ply would be pushing it. This little bit of knitting weighs a tonne - all I want to do is cast on a nice lightweight 4-ply sock next! The poor baby! Maybe it will be a good blanket alternative for next winter.

My colleague S safely delivered a little girl last night. Apparently the labour went for 30 hours. Counting backwards it means that labour probably started within a few hours of her finishing off work and finally going on leave. Months ago we were joking S would still be working while pushing out the baby; earlier this week we realised it was getting a bit too close to the truth.

I'm sending up the little sock-yarn jacket to her tomorrow (she's in another state); if the BSJ works out, I'll post it next week.


Beth said...

Of course the BSJ will work out! I'm looking forward to seeing it. :)

Fold the sleeve cuffs together - this site will help - scroll down a bit and you'll see what I mean.

M-H said...

It will work out fine it's in the nature of the beast. However, I have made one in 10ply and it was very big - it fitted my granddaughter when she was a toddler, except the sleeves were too short. I picked up at the cuffs and knitted down to make it fit.