Sunday, August 12, 2007

Knit one, rip one

Not much to report on the Baby Surprise Jacket except that I have made every stupid mistake possible and have unravelled my first few inches three times to date. The worst part of this is that I then have to re-cast on 160 stitches which I suspect is a special form of torture designed especially for knitters.

I am contemplating starting with a fresh ball of yarn as clearly the ball I have selected, a lovely deep rich shade of royal purple, is cursed.

The truth is I am not paying close enough attention; trying a new pattern which involves counting stitches while travelling on public transport is just beyond my skills at this stage. There is nothing wrong with the pattern itself; I particularly like EZ's double decrease (slip one, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over) which I haven't previously encountered.

I'm sure once I get the first few rows right, the rest will flow beautifully. And I have even joined the Zimmermania blog to keep me motivated and inspired (I'll post there once I have something to show!)

In other news, my lovely ISE4 pal Beth, who has decided that a record-breaking hot Ohio summer is the perfect time to churn out multiple pairs of socks (I can't talk; I knitted my Noro Lizard-Ridge blanket in similar temperature during the Australian summer), nominated me for a Five Star Pal Award. I was very pleased to see that Beth also got a well-deserved award.


M-H said...

I sue markers prolifically in this type of project - just loops of yarn in a contrasting colour and texture. It saves having to do so much counting if you have a marker, say, every 20 sttiches. you can use 'hard' markers for the decreases and 'soft' (yarn) markers for the counting. Looks messy but saves time.

M-H said...

Actually I *use* those markers... ::sigh::

Beth said...

I use safety pins to mark those particular stitches. That way I never have to move them. Once you've knit a few rows you'll see where to do your decrease (or increase) and you won't need to count anymore.

Cooling down later this week.... maybe I'll be able to spin again!