Saturday, August 25, 2007

Still slogging along

Still slogging along with the BSJ, randomly alternating bits of pink and blue. I have no idea how the slabs of colour will fall when it all comes together (as my mind is not yet around the construction of this jacket) but I have faith that it will all work out in the end.

I barely knit at all on public transport any more. The trams are getting more and more packed - even having enough room to read is a challenge some days. I suspect the transport authorities will soon be hiring "pushers" to squeeze all the commuters in, much like they do in Japan. It's cheaper than putting on more vehicles but sooner or later they will have to have to concede that twice as many commuters into the same number of trams does not go!

I've got slack on my reading blog; trying to write reviews of everything I read started seeming a little pointless and I kept falling behind. But I'm still going to use it as a way of keeping a record of what I've read this year; a record of where some of my life has gone.

Today was the first glorious (almost) spring day of the year (it's still technically winter but someone forgot to tell the sun that). It was amazing just to be able to hand the washing outside and bring it back in dry within a few hours. I also attacked the ever-growing ivy and 'Wandering Jew' (I hate that name but I don't think there is another common name for the plant) that regularly takes over the side of the house - I fantasize that one day I will finally rid our home of these pests. I have to admit that I was inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl who has just redone her living room floor single-handedly; if she can do a major project like that on her own, I can face up to a few persistent weeds. Of course I ran out of space in the green waste bin before I finished the job but we can't afford a skip, so it will have to be a regular fortnightly project until it is finished. J, meanwhile, was painting a door on the flat; he reckons painting is the most boring project possible, mainly because you have to wait so long between layers.

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Beth said...

I need to get busy on a bunch of home projects but it's so much easier to sit and knit... :)