Sunday, August 19, 2007

Warped strip of garter-stitch fabric

The problem with the Baby Surprise Jacket is that it looks like nothing until it is completed. At the moment is is a warped strip of garter-stitch fabric.

I'm using some lovely soft Cleckheaton Merino Supremo yarn.

I got a bit confused at 'Make 1 using a Backward Cast-On Loop method' but found an excellent instructional video here.

I keep getting distracted. I've joined the Yahoo Illusion Knitting group. I finally gave the pirate illusion scarf to my brother and for the first time I think I may have even impressed him. I want to do more illusion knitting but I'm determined not to have 20 projects on the go at one time again.

And I've found a new pattern for an Irish Hiking Scarf that is completely reversible which I really want to try.

On top of this I really want to make another jumper for a three-year-old friend.

And, oh yes, I still have another lollipop sock to go.

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Beth said...

I really don't know of any rules or laws limiting the number of WIPs you're allowed to have going at any one time. Nope, not gonna help you out on that one - cast on with abandon! hahahahaha (why yes, I did start yet another sock...)