Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bargain shopping

I've become much better at resisting bargains but I couldn't resist the Clover Promotion Pack at Cleggs today. For just $14.95 I got
  • 2.5mm 20cm bamboo DPNs
  • 3.0mm 16cm bamboo DPNs
  • 4.0mm 23cm bamboo straight needles
  • 4.0mm 33cm bamboo straight needles
  • 4.0mm 80cm bamboo circular needle
  • 4.0mm/F bamboo crochet needle
  • 4.0mm/F metal/soft touch crochet needle
  • 5.5mm metal crochet needle
  • Mini Kacha-Kacha click counter
  • Assorted notions (needle protectors, stitch markers, cable needles, etc)
Until I saw this pack I had no idea I needed all this stuff. And having just recorded my extensive needle collection on Ravelry, I'm still not sure that I do. But it was such a bargain. I couldn't resist.

Just to ensure I wasn't alone, I posted information about the sale on the Australian Knits group to enable my fellow Melbourne knitters in their knitting stash enhancement.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I wouldn't have passed that up either! I don't have my needles in Ravelry yet - probably because so many are stuck in old UFOs.