Sunday, September 30, 2007

I hate mohair

It's official. After about 8 starts of the so-called simple lace mohair scarf where I managed to stuff up by the sixth row each time, I decided to abandon the pattern. At the same time I decided that mohair was the most irritating yarn to knit with (well, except for feathers novelty yarn), it wasn't that soft and what the hell was I thinking when I knitted an entire jumper out of double-12-ply mohair.

So, back to my stash to examine the options. My ISE 5 partner loves natural fibres, soft yarns & purples. I have four balls of a lovely bright purple 8-ply Cleckheaton Country. I cast on the Midwest Moonlight scarf. I've done one repeat and it is looking OK. My only worry is whether 4 skeins is enough (it is a very wide pattern). Do I have another skein buried somewhere?

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