Monday, September 24, 2007

ISE 5 underway

I received my emails today from both my upstream and for my downstream pals.

I think they did a great job matching up people because I got a pal who had identical likes and dislikes in terms of colours to me! For a moment I thought they had sent me my own questionnaire back. Obviously we are all in the "Love purples/blues hate orange/yellow" group.

My downstream pal wants a big wide scarf which I can totally relate to. I have some gorgeous pink/purple mohair in my stash, so I sent her an email asking if she likes or loathes mohair. Then I start searching Ravelry and decide I want to knit the Midwest Moonlight Scarf which means choosing another yarn completely. I've decided to save Palindrome and the soft grey Jo Sharp yarn for myself.

Of course, by tomorrow, I may have changed my mind again.

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Beth said...

My Midwest Moonlight scarf is hibernating just now and I'm not sure why - it's a fun knit, but maybe not what I'm in the mood for just now. I'm sure you'll settle on something wonderful! (I can say that with some certainty...)