Friday, July 13, 2007

No I don't have skinny ankles

As Judy aka the Sheep Rustler noted, the self-patterning wool doesn't look quite as good in ribbing as it does in plain stockinette stitch but I decided to go for comfort over pure style. And no, my ankles and calves aren't that skinny; it's just the elasticity of the rib pattern.

I'm very happy with how this sock is coming out - it is the first time I've done a short row heel without having to fudge any of the stitches and there don't seem to be the usual mysterious holes either. Hopefully I haven't jinxed the next sock by writing that!


Beth said...

I've done socks like that. Makes me wonder if non-knitters think I'm bigfoot. (do you know/have the bigfoot story down under?)

Sheep Rustler said...

It looks great anyway! I love how funny socks look when you show the plain foot and then a ribbed leg - quite mutant.