Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not shopping, just enabling

And in this week's Not Shopping achievements I have resisted:

Beautiful, chunky hot pink Katia yarn, 100% wool, half-price at Lincraft Melbourne CBD - $7.49 for 100 grams. It would be perfect for felting. Except I've decided that I hate felting. It would also be great for a beginner's scarf. Except I am no longer a beginner.

It's also available in a lovely dark rich brown, variegated blues and a rough variegated hot pink and purple. Just in case any other Melbourne knitters need enabling.

Lincraft also have a cool bamboo/cotton line, only $3.99/50 grams. Slightly limited colour range. I will not buy it until I decide what I want to make with it, so I buy the right amount.

Corningware have also released an '8-piece' (they count the lids as pieces, so it is really four containers) white set which I've seen for as little as $84.95 (at David Jones). It's a real bargain. If one actually needs Corningware. I was so, so tempted. We need to replace our broken very large Corningware dish. But all four containers in this set are smaller than what we need and we already have two small Corningware containers we hardly ever use. And where would we store it? We resisted. And I went home and sent an email to a friend who has recently moved into her own place and might actually be able to use it.

Instead I bought a new pair of black walking shoes and pink cotton t-shirt. Both of which I actually need. And have already used.

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