Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day - - Celebrating the Inner bogan in us all

You know Australia Day is coming up when:
  • VB-themed thongs are being sold in the local Coles
  • Mitre 10 is having a "Spend $60 and receive a free pair of thongs with built in beer-opener" promotion
  • Target and Big W are selling kid's t-shirts, women's bikini's and men's bathers (along with unisex towels, caps and thongs) emblazoned with the Australian flag - all of which are made in China
  • Everyone, no matter their class, creed or religion, is hosting or attending a BBQ

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Karen S said...

VB thongs are being sold in lots of places, LOL. #2 son fell about laughing at the supermarket last week, and bought a pair as a joke. He is currently at a seminar/conference in far nth NSW, near Byron Bay. He rang me tonight, and mentioned that he could have sold them several times over, for stupid prices! If he can get into town to buy another pair of any sort of thongs before the conference finishes, he will sell them, he said, and for an outrageous price - he is going to be a full-time student this year, so evey penny counts!
Karen S.