Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why one should always pack knitting on a train journey

My train sat for 25 minutes at Eltham station this evening as the late-running earlier train crawled up and down the final few stations of the line (it's a single track beyond Eltham). The upside was that it was almost empty, had fully functioning air-conditioning and I had packed my knitting. So Blue Lagoon has been finished for my swap pal slightly earlier than anticipated. I love the yarn, a truly soft and delectable merino and the colour is divine. I was seriously tempted to keep it for myself but I have many other gorgeous colours in my stash, many other gorgeous completed hats and only one head to wear it on.

I seriously doubt, however, that I will be knitting tomorrow. I will be prepared, however, with all options including a book as well as my knitting.

Melbourne faces worst hot spell in 100 years

A girl passed out in the train this morning and the temperature hadn't even reached 30.

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