Thursday, January 22, 2009

The joy of silk

If money were no object and I could trust myself to wear it, I would probably only knit with pure silk. Note, pure silk. Not mixed with merino or cotton or any other fibre but the 100% pure unadulterated thread made by murdering the innocent babies of caterpillars for their protective cocoon.

Sorry. Went a bit over the top there. But every time I read about how (most) silk is produced, I'm wondering where is PETA and why are they worrying more about sheep that at least don't have to die every time someone wants a jumper (only if they want a lamb chop...)

(Silkworm rights activists promote the use of Tussah silk which is gathered after the moth emerges but it produces a more yellow/brown and rougher yarn.)

I received the above silk a a "bonus" in a Ravelry trade. It's been sitting in my stash for a while. I was flicking through my 101 designer one-skein wonders book and had an overwheleming sense that the Cross-Stitch scarf (Ravelry link) would be the perfect pattern for this yarn. And I think I was right! I have no idea if I have enough yarn for a whole scarf but I will knit it as far as it goes and if all else fail, turn it into a headband.

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