Monday, March 27, 2006

First Stitch 'n' Bitch meeting

I finally stepped out of my nice safe virtual knitting world where I was the only real-life knitter I knew and attended a Stich 'n' Bitch meeting in Elsternwick yesterday.

I knew I was at the right place when I spotted the exact pair of socks, complete with the red and blue shading and unusual design, that I had been admiring on a blog, on the table of the cafe. They were the work of 'Ozknitter' who reminded me so much of a girl called 'Jen' who I work with. While Jen isn't a knitter, she both looks like and has a very similar personality to Ozknitter. In fact the biggest difference I noticed was that Ozknitter talked about knitting with the same level of knowledge and interest that Jen talks about computers and design, and then Ozknitter said something about html coding and I thought "Sh*t, I KNOW that however hard I try, I am going to call Ozknitter 'Jen' by accident". In fact, I'm pretty sure I did but no-one noticed.

It's also rather confronting to realise that real people actually read my blog (DER!!! it's on the internet and various knitting rings!!!). One girl turned around and said quite conversationally "I tried setting up a blog but it's not like yours where it is updated all the time".

Another girl was knitting a pair of socks on one circular needle using the 'Magic Loop' technique I have read about but never understood. It's comforting to know people can actually do this in real life - it's not just a cyber knitting myth - and if I continue to attend SnB meetings I might one day learn this skill.

Before I left, my husband was predicting that the average age of the SnB knitters would be considerably older than my own. He was wrong. While no-one wears their age on a button, I think most people were in their mid 20s to mi 30s. I'm not quite the old granny of the group but at 35 I am definitely not the youngest either.

The next meeting is on Wednesday night in South Yarra. I'm definitely going, work permitting.

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OzKnitter said...

ROFLMAO if you did call me "Jen" I didn't notice!

It was only my second meet, but everyone's really nice and I'm really enjoying the chance to talk knitting face-to-face with fellow knitters.