Sunday, March 19, 2006

Knitting as therapy - the Dr Who Scarf

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I'm going through a horrible "I have the attention of a goldfish" knitting phase.

So I haven't finished Jackie's autumn leave scarf, let alone Gabi's cardigan. I haven't even started the socks I swore I would after the knitting Olympics. The pink mohair drop-stitch shawl is still in its bag.

Rachel's given birth to a baby boy. I have a baby beanie I knitted a while ago for him if nothing else.

But at least Jeff's Dr Who scarf is going well. I am knitting garter stitch back and forth while watching TV. And as an experience knitted I have managed to do this without gaining or losing any stitches. Whoo-hoo!

In a way it is good to occasionally do this kind of thing. Garter stitch garments can actually look OK when they aren't full of dropped and gained stitches.

I'm probably only 1/4 of the way through - and I am knitting the so-called short version (so-called because although 270 cm is LONG compared to most scarves these days, I am thankful Jeff doesn't want a full-scale 670cm replica!). Only time will tell if I manage to keep my focus on this sufficiently to finish the damn item before starting something else again this week.

Goal for week starting 19/03/06. Finish a WIP. Any WIP. Maybe Jackie's scarf.

And in late breaking news

I decided to put up a couple of items for sale via Etsy, which is like eBay but only for hand-made items. Very US-centric but there appears to be a few Australia sellers. So far 26 people have had a look at my hat but no-one has bought it which is not surprising given I have no feedback and the international postage costs are horrendous. I'm not holding my breath but it's there if anyone is interested.

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