Thursday, March 02, 2006

The knitting is getting out of control again

Rainbow connection scarf and hat - up to the red shades, have started decreasing on the hat; will probably finish it sometime this weekend.

Jackie's birthday scarf - mohair has arrived, it's lovely and soft but a bit lighter coloured than I expected. The shade is called Autumn Leaves. I'm planning a basic rib with maybe some eyelets in the knit part. Biggest problem is the yarn is in a hank and I need to wind it into a ball without tangling it. No, I don't have a ball winder or skein-holder - I will try the back of a chair.

Jackie's mohair also came with some gorgeous blue mohair which I will probably also knit up as a scarf - there will be no shortage of recipients who it will suit (Mother-in-law, cousin, various friends). And me but I WILL NOT KEEP THIS ONE. Honest.

I still haven't done Rachel's baby present or finished off Miss Gabi's lace cardigan.

I still haven't finished my own drop-stitch mohair shawl.

I still haven't started the 6-ply socks I've planned.

My husband wants his own Dr Who scarf. In the original colours and technically correct pattern but not as long as the original (thank God). It's in garter stitch and I need to buy some revolting tan, greeny-brown, orangey-red and khaki-green wool which I can't bring myself to do. But I need to.

I've also committed myself to donating some hats and scarfs for an APHEDA fund raising auction (maybe one of the sets I've already knitted ...)

And I'm sorely tempted by two new free patterns: String-or-Nothing's Kureopatoria Snake Pattern scarf (which I will almost certainly make using my favourite yarn, Noro Kureyon) and Knitty's 'Winter Surprise' pattern, Startsky. I love the shawl collar; I love the fact that the pattern goes UP to my size but it will be a big project and is ranked as 'extraspicy' which translates as 'Advanced' which I'm probably not quite at the level of doing. I could probably swing it but I can't justify buying any more yarn now. The aim is to knit through my stash faster than my rate of buying. Which is difficult. Especially as I've joined the Melbourne Stitch and Bitch Group and already have details of a yarn-store's close-out sale.

I'm getting plenty of knitting done in the morning on the train and at lunchtime at work (my office is so well air conditioned that the milk can be stored safely there if the fridge goes on the blink). But the heat is building up again at nights. It is officially autumn (or FALL as the Americans call it) and the temperature is hitting 30+ degrees Celsius again (in the 90s Fahrenheit). The tram is so crowded and over-heated on the way home that knitting is impossible and it's still too warm in the evenings as well.

But it is too gorgeous to be drowning in so mucyh lovely yarn!

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