Sunday, March 12, 2006

I hate lace knitting

Why do I do this to myself? Here I am, knitting a scarf for a friend who won't notice or care if it's in garter-stitch and would be impressed if I did a simple 3X3 rib. and I decide to try a lace pattern. I got it from a site called Mohair Dreams and it is relatively simple but still annoying (I can't knit it while watching TV or if I'm a bit tired or stressed and I've already made a few mistakes I've had to fudged around), and like all lace looks like crap pre-blocking. I'm also wondering about the intelligence of doing a lace pattern in a variegated yarn but I'm already 88 rows in and I'm not ripping it out for anyone.

I hate the yarn. It's a good quality mohair and is nice to knit but not when it is 36 degrees outside (hello Mr Weather - summer was supposed to finish LAST month; we're supposed to be cooling down now - and don't give me that global warming shpiel; I'm not in the mood for it.) Like all mohair, it is a bitch to unknit when I make a mistake. And I loath the colours. It's supposed to be Autumn Leaves. I'm thinking baby diarrhea myself. But that's the chance you take when you buy mohair off the internet; it's not the seller's fault it was brighter than I expected. And the recipient of the scarf for some reason seems to like brown and orange rather than purple and blue, so maybe she will like it. Maybe I'll also give her something else with it for her birthday.

I was getting so frustrated with my inability to work on this project in front of the TV that I slipped out to Spotlight yesterday and bought the wool for my husband's Dr Who scarf. Yes I know I have a room full of unknit wool. But not in the right colours for the Dr Who scarf. So this means I have a nice brainless project to work on in between.

The Dr Who scarf is VERY wide. One pattern called for 60 stitches of 8ply/DK on 4mm needles; the other 55. I only cast on 55 and I used 3.75mm needles (as I'm a loose knitter) but it looks like it is going to be huge in width, even if I knit the shorter length (which I'm planning to as the good husband doesn't plan to be looping the scarf multiple times aroun d his neck like Tom Baker).

I just realised I hadn't posted all my knitting Olympics medal tags. Firstly a new Team Australia tag that seems particularly suitable today.

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And now my team DPN medal:
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And my absolute favoutite, the Knitting Championship gold medal which some Christian moron objected to because it has a naked person on it. Now let's just ignore the fact that the original Olympians competed in the nude and take a good close look at the medal.
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And here is a larger version:
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Can you see any nudity??? Maybe the raunchy chest and bare feet?
Where would the world be without the Christian Right?

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