Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Knitting credibility 101

My husband is very disappointed that I am not taking the Dr Who scarf (now over 160 cm in length) to the Stitch and Bitch meet tonight. I explained that not only was the scarf getting very heavy and bulky, but as it is pure garter stitch, it has zero credibility in the knitting world. Jeff couldn't believe this.

"But it is so great! And what about the credibility it has with me?!?"

I'm glad he likes it. He is getting very excited at the prospect of it being finished this week.

I pointed out that at least the Dr Who scarf has major cult credibility and doesn't have negative knitting credibility.

"What is negative knitting credibility?"

A garter stitch garment made out of fun fur and novelty yarn. Which is badly finished and has dropped stitches all over the place. And has starred on You Knit What.

Speaking of knitting credibility...

I am nearing the end of Jackie's lace mohair scarf which like all lace will need some serious blocking to bring out the beauty. I usually just use pins to hold the knitting in place when I block, but I have read a fair bit about using blocking wire and think it might be a good idea in this case. So I ring up a well-known Melbourne knitting store (which will remain nameless) and ask them if they stock blocking wire. They didn't. And when I asked them if they knew of any place that stocked blocking wire the woman replied (and I quote), "I think you'll need to go to a proper craft store".

How foolish of me to think that a knitting store that stocks an abundance of various yarns, needles, knitting bags, patterns, stitch holders, row-counters, stitch markers and knitting gauges would sell knitting blocking wire or even know where it is sold.

I'll see if the Stitch and Bitch girls have any ideas tonight.

And on a final note, someone in the Melbourne Stitch and Bitch group sent me this link: Knitters Annonymous.

As you can see I have included a button link to the site on my sidebar. I am contemplating becoming their founding Australian member.

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