Sunday, April 02, 2006

The happy husband - Dr Who scarf complete

It may be just a simple garter-stitch scarf, but in terms of my husband's appreciation, the Dr Who scarf scores a 10. Look at his smile.

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And here is a shot from the back:

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And a close-up of the face

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What can I say? I'm happy he is happy.

He keeps on pointing out how warm and how high-quality it is. Well, that's the beauty of hand-made knitted garments. You can't buy anything like it. No-one would pay the true cost of making a quality hand-knit garment, so if you have one, appreciate that the maker is giving you more than just something you'd pick up at a department store.

In terms of vital stats, I knitted an extra 24 rows to Sarah Bradberry's pattern but made the fringes shorter. I used pure wool yarn in various brands (Patons Fireside, Panda, Basics, Cleckheaton Country and Harvest) costing $30.50 from Spotlight (some was on discount). It probably took about 15-20 hours over a 3-week period. It taught me that garter-stitch can look good when it is not full of holes, twisted yarn doesn't hold its shape as well as merchanised yarn - but is a lot softer, and made me think about the ethics as well as quality of knitting in cheap imported yarn.

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