Saturday, April 29, 2006

New look Knitaholic

Fingers crossed that this 'new look' is more readable than the old version. Firstly, thanks to Ozknitter who tried to help me by sending me instructions on how to change my old template's background to white. Unfortunately as Blogger is a very fickle beast (we are talking about a system that capriciously decides to not upload photos for days on end, or not upload new posts on the blog for a few days, even when it tells the author "blog successfully republished"), it decided to interpret a few simple changes to the code as "let's turn half the blog white and half the blog pink and put strange pink and white blotches all over the place" (which I gather is how the blog had been appearing to some people before I started tweaking). I'm not going to slag off Blogger as it is a free system and I've seen almost as bad stuff come off expensive commercial programs, but I was VERY frustrated.

Anyway, I managed to finally upload a brand new white-background-based template which would accept most of my personalised links. I decided to simplify things by taking off most of the fancy buttons which used to be in my side-bar as they took up way too much space. So this is a very minimalist look blog for the moment. I'm not used to it myself yet but I would prefer it first and foremost to be a readable blog. If it's as fickle as the pink one, let me know and I'll reinstate the old template.


M-H said...

Thanks Marg. I found your old one almost impossible to read. I have found Typepad excellent - I pay for it but when I have a problem with the template, or anything else, I can send a message and they tell me what to do. I never have any problems with uploading - or if I do it is system wide they have let me know there is a problem and it is soon fixed.

Karen said...

Hey, Marg, the new look is great!!! As my kids used to say, 'much more better'! And the links and piccies stand out much more clearly. Excellent choice, thanks!

ferg said...

I like minimalist. Anyway that's my excuse for not having all the fancy stuff down the sidebar! Nothing to do with my lack of IT talent!!!
I think yours looks great and you must be really clever.
Cheers Gillian