Saturday, April 22, 2006

Opal socks finished!

Things I am happy with: I finished these relatively quickly (2 weeks); I got the needle size right (3mm), the stripes pretty much match up.

Things that need improvement: I made them too large - 64 stitches is definitely at least 4 too many, I still somehow get a row of holes where the short rows are matched up with the rest of the sock, the three needle bind-off on top of the sock is quite bulky.

The socks are quite warm so I will save them for wearing around the house.

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ferg said...

I'm struggling a bit through my second pair and have noticed that on at least one occasion I have slipped the stitch at the start of a needle instead of knitting it! Habits die hard. And, yes I too still get a neat set of holes at the corner. Still I shall press on and hope to dye some wool next week when the dyes arrive from Kraftkolour,
Cheers Gillian