Thursday, April 06, 2006

The advantage of metal DPNs

Last night was pretty productive. I finished a DLB hat for Rachel's new baby, Michael. You may as well check out the picture here as I used exactly the same pattern and yarn as the hat I made for Caroline's baby.

Much as I love Rachel, I have to admit that I was also motivated by the desire to check my gauge knitting Opal 6-ply yarn on 3mm needles and I hate knitting plain swatches - they seem like a waste of time. One may as well knit a hat.

Anyway, my gauge is 25 1/2 stitches to 10cm on 3mm needles which is useful to know if I knit socks or fingerless mitts out of the yarn.

I also discovered another advantage to metal DPNs. They bend but do not break when a Thug in Private School Uniform decides to shove me in the train. And the blood wipes off quite easily.

OK, I'm joking about the blood, but it did leave a nasty indentation in his arm - and didn't permanently destroy my needle.

Maybe next time he'll think twice before slamming his way through life.

Probably not.

But if I'm lucky he'll stab himself in the balls next time.

Last night I also pulled out the cursed lace cardigan for Rachel's other child, Gabi. I have done 95 percent of the knitting; I just can't work out what the pattern says about doing the bands. So I ironed the cardigan and looked at the pattern again and then put it aside. I have to get off my butt as winter is starting soon and there is no way the cardigan will fit her next year.

Tonight I should have dealt with the cardigan (how friggin hard can it be to finish the damn thing?) but I got distracted by another short-row scarf knitted out of Noro Kureyon project - String-Or-Nothing's Kureopatora's Snake Pattern scarf.

My excuse is that my aunt who is going through a tough time deserves a hand-knitted scarf. And Noro Kureyon colourway 126 is perfect for her.

It's suddenly dropped down to winter temperatures here so I wore my hand-knitted purple socks, purple mohair jumper and Noro Kuyeon diagonal short-row ribbed scarf and matching hat to work. I was very warm. And chuffed that I could get away with wearing my stuff in public. Even if I looked a bit batty with the socks.


Carrie K said...

Ha! About the metal dpn's.

Perfectly justified rationale about the scarf but then I buy rationale easily.

ferg said...

Life's too short to knit things you don't want to knit and there are so many things which you do want to knit!
I must get some of this Noro stuff. Quite a few people have said how good it is. Did you buy it in a shop or online? Thanks Gillian

Marg B said...

This particular Noro I bought from eBay from someone who had bought it several years earlier from my favourite overseas supplier, Yarnela (she's based in Canada and has a shop on eBay). Yarnela has a much bigger range than I can find in Melbourne and the prices work out a little cheaper, even taking into account postage. If you haven't used Noro before I recommend buying a few skeins from a local store and knitting it up to see if you like it, before going through the hassle of an overseas purchase - my first purchase was from Sunspun in Canterbury.